Rocky Road (Large)Rocky Road (Large)

Gourmet Rocky Road (Large)


Eight pieces of Aroha Chocolate’s signature treat,
our gourmet Rocky Road.

Not your usual Rocky Road but a soft & creamy
mix of milk chocolate, marshmallows,
locally roasted peanuts and dark chocolate

Most say: “Tasting is believing.”

Min. Weight: 190g

Flavours & Info

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Contains: peanuts, milk, soy & may contain traces & sulphites.
Ingredients: Peanuts, Chocolate (Milk 33% & Dark 53%: cocoa mass, sugar,cocoa butter, whole Milk powder, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring.) Marshmallows (glucose, sugar, water, gelatine, dextrose monohydrate, Wheat starch, maize starch flavour, colour(122,102,133), emulsifier(452), preservative(220)), Cocoa Butter,Salt.

Nutrition Information
Approx serving size: 23.75g

Per 100g

Fat, total
– saturated
– sugars
1740 KJ
17.1 g
41.0 g
12.8 g
32.3 g
25.9 g
82 mg

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Eating it cold: During the summer months you can have your Gourmet Rocky Road as a refreshing cold treat.
Simply place your sealed bag of Gourmet Rocky Road in to the fridge or freezer, by cooling it more brittle but not completely solid, making a crunchy delight.
Then when you are ready for a cool treat you can grab a piece.

To Soften: If you like your Gourmet Rocky Road softer simply let it warm up, the warmer it gets the softer it becomes.