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Better packaging through design, while being light on the planet

We have always been sustainably and environmentally aware.
Beginning with our first ever packaging choice, kraft and cellophane tin tie bags, which we used for many years while developing our chocolate range and brand look.

Continuing with this philosophy we decided that whatever packaging we use it must be recyclable, reusable or compostable. We spent many hours sourcing the best materials that would achieve this for us.
We also have as much of our packaging made and assembled here in New Zealand as we possibly can.

Aroha Chocolate Six Truffle Gift Box Open

When we introduced of our hand-crafted truffles in 2015, we packaged them in New Zealand hand-made pine wooden boxes. These have been fantastic, with many people reusing them in many ways as jewellery boxes, draw organisation dividers, workshop parts trays and many more.
In fact we’d love to hear how you have reused yours, so if you have a moment, please let us know.

When we recently redeveloped our packaging to better represent our brand this environmentally friendly trend continued with the use of commercially compostable pockets for our Chocolate Squares range. We’ve custom designed all our packaging to use as little adhesive as possible, and used kraft card for our boxes of Gourmet Rocky Road, boxed Squares and our range of Hot Chocolate drinks. Another great feature of our Hot Chocolate drink packaging is the cellophane bags within the box, which will breakdown naturally.

When shipping if we need to add padding within our freight cartons, we use water soluble starch void fill.

Four Aroha Chocolate Hearts Open1

One of our latest creation’s is our Shortbox range, for-which we have adapted our minimal adhesive card box design, with the addition of a home compostible window.

We are always looking at the best available options in packaging to maintain the high quality of our products and protect the environment, while keeping as much manufacturing Kiwi Made.

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