About our Chocolates


Why we choose to use Callebaut Chocolate

Wanting to produce the best possible chocolates we knew we had to start with the best foundations by using finest chocolate we could source. 

After sampling many different chocolate bean to chocolate producers from all over the world we decided to use a Belgium produced line of couverture chocolate from Callebaut.

The range we use is derived from a mix of West African bean producers which gives the chocolate a full bodied flavour without the inherited flavours or aromas from any specific region. As the same as Wine, Cocoa plants inherit flavours & aromas from the soils and conditions in which they are grown.

We incoropate our own destintive flavours in to our chocolates this range was the best choice as to not cloud the flavours we wish to infuse.

Along side of these reasons one of the best features of purchasing this range of chocolate is that it also gives back to the community in which the beans are grow and harvested via the work of Cocoa Horizons.


Cocoa Horizons

For the farmers, the families & sustainability

Cocoa Horizons an impact driven program focused on cocoa farmer prosperity and helping build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children.

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority.

To improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development.


Keeping it Kiwi & Pacific Island

Wherever possible we use and support New Zealand producers.

Be that for our ingredients like our fresh Nelson grown Raspberries, NZ award winning liqueurs or fruit & nut producers throughout the country. Even majority of our packaging is made here by Kiwis (people not the birds them selves).

Some more exotic flavours we source from our friends in the pacific to deliver the best quality and flavoursome ingredients only they can offer offer.

The maps here show the locations of just some of our ingredients’ origins.

Allergen & Dietary Information

All of our products are handcrafted in the same environment that also contain gluten, soy, dairy, peanut & other nuts. We do our best to separate production however contact with these ingredients may occur.

Below are icons you will find on our site to indicate they do not contain that ingredient.

Link to Gluten Free products

Gluten Free

*Please see note above

Our truffles contain a wheat based glucose which by most coeliac sites in NZ, AU, CA & UK all say during the processing of the glucose dilutes the gluten to a non detectable level. For this reason we do not list our Truffles as gluten free to leave even though it is unlikely to have a reaction. This way it can be up to your personal discretion.
Link to further information:
NZ: coeliac.org.nz
AU: coeliac.org.au
UK: coeliac.org.uk

Dairy Free

*Please see note above

Sugar Free

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