Aroha Chocolate Gift Card


Can’t decide from all the delicious chocolate sensations or not sure on any dietary requirements for the recipient then maybe an “Aroha Chocolate Gift Card” might be just the ticket.
You can enter any value you wish to gift and then select if you would prefer to have the gift card posted or emailed.
*Please check below for our current terms & conditions of our gift cards.

Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

Our gift cards are a great way to share the Aroha.
Last updated: 20 September 2020
We only have a few terms & conditions:

  1. The gift codes we produce are either emailed to the address supplied or posted as a physical card to the shipping address supplied at checkout.
  2. Both email & physical gift card codes should be considered as cash.
  3. Please double check your shipping and email address are correct as once a code is released in either format is it the sole responsibility of the recipient to keep secure.
  4. Gift cards have an expiry date of 12 months from purchase & can may not be able to be used in combination with some of our promotions.

These terms can change without notice, check here for any changes.