Chocolate & Wine Gift Box

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The ultimate chocolate & beverage gift, all made in NZ
Aroha Chocolate Wine Gift Box containing some of our customers favourite Aroha Chocolates in a double wine wooden box which you can either add your own bottle of bubbles before gifting or you can add a non-alcoholic bottle of Sileni Verjuice (a juice of unfermented green grapes which makes for a delicious and refreshing non alcoholic beverage when mixed with sparkling or still water) below your chocolate selection.

1x Box of Raspberry Zing Chocolate Squares (7pc)
1x Box of Almond Squares (7pc)
1x Box of Gourmet Rocky Road (12pc)
1x Short box of Mini Truffles (12pc)

If you would like a custom selection of chocolates to include in this product.
Click here to build a custom box

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NZ made Aroha Chocolate & Wine Gift Box
Size: (H x W x D) 345 x 200 x 105 mm
Approx Gross Weight: 2400 – 2700g

We offer pre-orders for any of your future gift events including Christmas